The EDILIC association’s goals

The EDILIC association intends to congregate all the efforts aiming at facilitating the dissemination of awakening to languages in the school systems, including those in connexion with efforts aiming at the dissemination of other plural approaches (integrated didactics, intercomprehension of related languages, and intercultural approaches)

To reach these goals,

  • it implements actions in the fields of research, teacher training, elaboration of curricula, teaching material development, information for parents and the general public, and communication with the local, national and international educative authorities.
  • it fosters exchanges and meetings between the various and professionally heterogeneous actors involved in the project : teachers, teacher trainers, researchers and educative authorities… ;
  • it contributes to the dissemination of research work and to the elaboration of common renewed issues.
  • it supports, within its power, both the production and the dissemination of procedures and teaching aids for the schoolchildren and the teachers’ training ;
  • it instigates / organises training sessions for teachers, or supports their initiatives ;
  • it supports the development of sets of arguments adapted to various educational situations which can be addressed to decision makers,
  • at the international level, it connects the actions carried out in different countries ;
  • it promotes the development of national or regional structures that commit to achieve its goals ;
  • It maintains positive cooperation relationships with other associations having converging goals.